Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Second Adventure of Annabelle Jean

The watercolor  Dreams of Flying done by the fabulous Cheryl N Kellar

When we left Annabelle Jean, she was wearing the juggler’s pointed hat.
She and her cat named James had jumped into that small yellow plane

(although, of course,  she didn’t need one to fly).  She was eager to meet the
dashing young pilot who was scraping the sky.  She strapped herself in before

he took her into a spin which she and James found exhilarating.  Turns out the plane
was magical explained the pilot who told her his name was Stanley Marsipal.

Stan was full of grins; he made her giggle when he’d begin to tell her the tricks
the plane could do. It seems it was built to race in space and flew as fast as the stars

could shine their lights through the Milky Way. The galaxy was filled with clouds
which were very proud as they stacked themselves up around the nebulas that

shone within. Annabelle Jean was very keen to see all the sights with pilot
Stan and after a while he held her hand. She smiled to herself as they outraced

the lights that glowed like candles in the night. She asked if his home was Earth.
He shook his head no and said he’d come far, his home was in the caves of Mars.

Then out of a cumulus, a flame appeared which soon became a ring of fire.
It seemed to be ominous and full of ire. As they sought to escape the flying circle,

a dragon’s head took shape. The circle became a trail of burning ether. 
She looked at Stan and at James but neither knew what in the wide universe

they could do to avoid or hinder the beast that had set its sight on them and
their plane. Could it be that he was planning to have them all for his feast?

Just at that moment the plane began to choke, slowing down because of
the dragon’s smoke. What would become of the trio now, high in spatial clouds?

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.29.14  If you missed the first adventure click HERE.

How wonderful to have the serendipitous luck that the poem I wrote for today at PAD
which is "magical" and the second installment in my series of Annabelle Jean works
perfectly as Annabelle Jean is exploring with a balloon named Zero and a cat named James!
Check out CNKellar's other art work here at dVerse Poets Pub today where the adorable
Grace is tending bar.


  1. how cool... that is a nice little magical adventure... and Annabelle Jean is a cool name as well and seems to fit just so perfectly... and nice that you leave some space for us to spin our own continuation of the story....

  2. smiles....def you brought the magic today gay....this sounds like the start of a wonderful adventure....any thoughts on how long you plan on going? i might have to try your verse out on my boys...i think they would like it....smiles.

  3. Adorable story.. and what a nice intricate way to weave the rhymes.. but now I simply have to know what happened afterwards....

  4. Nice!, I have to check in to see what the beginning of the story was!

  5. the magic in this story is almost child-like... really brings a smile to my face... and yeah, I wanna know what happened after

    1. Anthony, it's so dear of you to comment even though you didn't link. I miss chatting with you. Hope you are happy!

  6. A magical adventure :) Lovely!

  7. Oh, I love this flight of fancy - and such luck that it works so well for this piece of art!

  8. Gay this was so delightful to read ~ Milky way, life on Mars and dragon, very imaginative write ~

    Thanks so much for participating and wishing you Happy Week ~

  9. This was a lot of fun to read and I do like stories that stretch the imagination..magical..

  10. Whimsy and magic that fit the painting so well. This would be especially fun for children I should think.

  11. a strong heroine for today's girls :)

  12. Lovely fable, Gay, and I love how you used the painting as a jumping off point. Her art lends itself to explosions in the mind, I think.

  13. What an adventure! Loved your Annabelle Jean!

  14. Wonderful flight of imagination with the amazing Annabelle, James and Stanley...ended too soon!

  15. Fun! And illustrated. And suspenseful adventures at every turn with remarkable companions.

  16. Can't quite decide if this is a story for kids, a psychedelic dream or just something out of this world. Whichever, I love it. However, if I had a typo in one of my poems I hope someone would be kind enough to point it out to me, humbly and without sounding harsh... Perhaps, to make the poem ever more perfect, you'd like to check out the fifth stanza... And if I'm wrong, I apologize so very, very much! *blushes deeply and hopes she's not offended*

    1. You could never offend me...I make typos all the time these days and my spelling has been less than fine too. My once refined skills are leaving me..however I'm still not sure the word you mean...nebulas? I think that is an either/or case of nebulas or nebulae. You think nebulae is better? Could be. I thought it might sound stilted these days. But I did learn it as nebulae. Either way, let me know.

    2. I think that ccchampagne is referring to a "the" that looks like it should be a "they" :-)

    3. Thank you - I just never saw it.

  17. what a fun and whimsical piece! I suspect that Annabelle, James and Stan will find some way to outsmart (or outmagic) that dragon!