Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dance Dissolved to Dreck

Sailing on a caravel of dreck she moves
Slick as silken nougat and satin secrets, and leans
Into muffled muted holms that box her dreck
Of fustion and peat and steamy nimbus.
His stern designed as accolade bright
Seems stolen from the mirrored lilac,
Exposing loquats that bounce, reflect and glance
Off languid parvenu as they dance.

Turrets and tycoons and passing rondeaus
Inducements now unfold in muck
Both elegant and controlled
The mixing scherzo of fluids and rare spillage.
Jazzy sedans unwrapped in indigo and teal
Transform the darts in forte and fellow,
Until it seems they glide
Upon a measured turning whine—
Where dreck is spun into money real.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved * 10.2.14


  1. that is very interesting... i didn't know that the english world uses the german dreck...
    Transform the darts in forte and fellow... very cool gay and so much music in this - and the unexpected words make it even more colorful and sings...

  2. What a whirl of fun today, these N+7 poems just shine; like your lines /that box her dreck/of fustion & peat & steamy nimbus/ applause & smiles.

  3. Wonderful so many fun words that pops up.. Parvenu.. I love that.. and somehow I want to connect the dots to form a meaning and that's the most fun part....

  4. I didn't know the word holms - apparently little islands - odd how that sort of fits in with "dreck" which was substituted for "dance". Ha.! Thanks you guys!

  5. My limited dictionary didn't give dreck so I will look it up online since it seems so important. Even your absurd poems read like the classics, Gay!

  6. Great word, dreck! So much rubbish we're producing today. And I can't believe it--in the middle of reading this, I get a spoken political announcement for local sheriff. Where did that come from? Pure dreck!

    1. I hate that. Google is so invasive. Sorry.

  7. Very groovy piece- loved the opening line.

  8. N+7 is definitely fun! "… stolen from the mirrored lilac" is a nice image.

  9. Oh you make me sad that I didn't participate today!! Loved this!

  10. Well, what can I say? I think you have accomplished an N + 7 poem.

  11. silken nougat and satin secrets...well i was thinking that sounded quite sensual...ha...
    i wanna glide with the jazzy sedans...and slide.....

  12. Sorry y'all about not getting there yet. See my note on today's comments. Will do my best to get 'round as I can. Tomorrow looks crazy too.

  13. I really am enjoying how these mix-matched words dance around and yet somehow work.

  14. there are some interesting combinations in this...after looking up a word or two (or maybe more) I found it quite enjoyable.

  15. "His stern designed as accolade bright / Seems stolen from the mirrored lilac," the lines :)

  16. The rhythm of this is beautiful and it truly flows like a dance of passion. One of my favourite of yours...a testament to words transformed into musicality!

  17. I learned a new word, dreck. Like the poem.

  18. The more I read these n+7 poems the more I appreciate them. Interesting that they make sense in their very special way. We are drawn into your poem from the very first line.

  19. Love it! My esp. fav. line "Jazzy sedans unwrapped in indigo and tea" ~ feel the rhythm.

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