Monday, April 4, 2016

Running Late

"I'm running late"
that once was always the case..
sleeping late, rounding up the skates,
the skaters, the cases, the guards,
the instant breakfasts and snacks,
off to a rink at 5..should have been 5
to make a 6 o'clock patch - figures and
freeskates..each with different coaces,
often different rinks, round them up
back to school, to committee meetings,
to luncheons, to preparations, to shop for
supper, get skaters back for afternoon
training, home, supper, dishes, a cuddle,
to sleep and to start again next years
and then it stopped ..first one and then another
graduation, college, marriage, and I'm at work
and traffic..running late again and not my fault.
I'm home late and it's just the cat and me.
Now it's just me and I'm never late..on time
for appointments, mostly doctors. On time
with the bills, the taxes, the parties, the presents,
the birthday was more fun running late
I think.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4/4/2016

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