Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why July?

Why July?
When July had always been nights of fireworks
Why July?
When July was the time of flashing blades
Why July?
When that was the month of celebrations
hot, sultry, a time of dragonflies and drum of
compressors and the thrum of air-conditioning
Songs soared to the rooftops - Tchaikovsky
alternating with Willie Nelson, dogs herding
playing pitch with the boys in the park
Why July?
The tiger lily grabbed you in mid sentence
and now

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.3.2016 * All Rights Reserved

And that was last year - before I ran away to London
Because I will (if I can) always run away to London.
Because I knew Donald Trump would win
and freedoms would fade. There had been Nice,
with a truck killing dozens, but unfazed
I would have London and she gave herself to me.
The Thames, the Squares, the Circuses, the museums,
The West End shows and then I came home.
Husband gone in July '91; best friend then in August '16.
Yes that was last year.

Here...July '17, just begun and this one week, five deaths.
A nephew, 43, survived by two children and a distraught wife;
three friends younger than I am, fathers of skaters,
gone in a flash. A woman I barely knew but tied together
by a man who supported us both by friendship and employment.
And now today, my son's father-in-law. A long hard death
after a long illness. Summer deaths, I learn, may come quick
or agonize past the time life should have ended - wearing the
quick to the bone.

At 20 life looks like a highway that runs beyond all that's known.
It's a faster drive than we thought. The towns fly by -- the beauty,
the countryside, the transitory shells, the sand, mountains, trees, change
and then it's finished. The trip is over. Finito. We believe, we hold...
that the Spirit travels on.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7.2.17 * All Rights Reserved

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  1. Very sad and touching. (((Hug)))