NaPoWriMo- 2012 National Poetry Writing Month and World Challenge - April 2012

Will be posting here for April, 2012 - for Facebook 2012 Challenge.

Day 1 April Write Olympics
WLTM: (Who Would You Like To Meet?)

I would like to meet Shakespeare
Find him in his native haunts
I would drink the ale of his time
Talk to him of rhythms, words, rhyme
I would like to meet Shakespeare
Discuss theater and dreams
Costumes, sets, scrims and screams
Sonnets, love affairs, and tears
Yes, I'd like to meet Shakespeare



HE LOOKS LIKE.... [For Michael]

He looks like
Your boy
He smiles, speaks, talks, walks and runs
He looks like
All boys
Most times
He loves pizza, puzzles thinks they're fun
But sometimes
He's awkward, and walks around and around
He picks up objects, then he drops them
Searching for answers that can't seem to be found
He looks like a lost boy
His eyes unfocused and sad
He wants to remember
And when he doesn't
He thinks that he's been bad

He looks like
Your boy
But he's different
He lives life inside the movies
In his head.

On Autism - World Autism Awareness Day.
© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.12.2012 * All Rights Reserved
Day 2 Poetry Writing Olympics



Every poet
    has eyes that see in a unique color -- singular in the rainbow spectrum
    paints a world unique to experience as the sphere spins a personal
    trail of truth stretching that history starpoint by lightyear

Every poet
   has ears where rhythms of life spin the sounds of a private world
   into a singular song composed of the beats of words strung along
   a staff of life where cups clink glasses, where birds sing trees

Every poet
   can touch a personal nerve, a thread of holiday joys and morning
   heartaches, lonely nights, and haunted writes. Feels the break in
   other lives, knows the cast of a cold sunbeam on an empty bed

Every poet
   reaches for the sublime, for the eternal, connects the veins of leaves
   to the arteries of the human heart;  bleeds the colors of autumn where
   stains are left printed on the snow, rained away by spring, summer baked

Every poet
   finds the minutiae of everyday and examines it with art's magnifying glass
   knows truth is found by degree, nobility learned by example,
   true love -- forgiving and unconditional

Every poet
a rare spirit who shares

© Gay Reiser Cannon *4/4/2012* All Rights Reserved
Posted for Day 4 - April Write 2012 - Poetry Olympics
Prompt "Every Poet Matters"

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