Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumn's Dance

               Autumn waltzes in again to rustling 
                       strong percussive winds
               Trees toss their flouncing skirts then shake 
                       and lift their dancing limbs.
               Autumn changes partners in its gala dress; 
                       the feast forbears.
              .Guests arrive in droves to celebrate, 
                       as doves and crows prepare.
               with harvest gourds, on colored vines. 
                      You feel the crackle in the air!
               Hear the woods hum songs of old guitars,
                       they play the rhythm of the stars.

               Autumn hosts this annual ball
                       We arrive, the last invited guests.
               In suit so grand you give me your hand 
                       as daylight falls.
               Sunset fires my new red dress 
                       made for this Sarabande.
               You lead me beneath the boughs to dance 
                       The season marks our new romance.
               Autumn leaves, we're left to chance--
                      to continue our fate's happenstance
              A last defying tarantella, whose heat will last
                      beyond fierce North wind's chilling blast. 

                © Gay Reiser Cannon All Rights Reserved


  1. Lovely post about my favorite season! Now about that fiery trantella?

  2. Thanks Annell. I need to come to your house soon. I know you have new posts up. Thanks for the visit. Glad you liked that poem :)

  3. That picture is spectacular!

    I came over from One Stop. I'm not always the brightest light in the chandelier, so tell me...why is your link labeled "mme. canongate"?

  4. once again a beautiful dance as autumn begins and the leaves begin to twirl.

    A one shot hit

    love from the moon my friend

  5. @Fireblossom, I sent you a note.

    @moondustwriter I put up here after it moved off onestoppoetry. I'll change for osw. New poem being posted. Thanks for love and support.

  6. excellent piece...i love this time of year and you captured the beauty so well...

  7. Cette image est incroyable de beauté et de puissance ! I love autumn, c'est ma saison préférée... Tellement poétique !
    Thank u...

  8. heart warming and festive piece.
    love your taste on colors and word choices on poetry.

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