Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Sam on his Ottoman Throne at the beach

hungry for the world,
you ate it
and you preened.
Admired, you craved attention;
we gave it to you.

No grooming,
that was left to us;
after all
why exert,
that is why you had servants;
we did the job well.

You grew large
threatening anyone
who'd challenge
your presence.
When you looked in the mirror
you saw a lion.

Yet loyal,
always friendly;
no fear for
anything much but loud noises--
observant, serene.

Not twenty,
almost that many
years of life--
you shared the
music, beauty, trips and food
of our ways, our time.

You're with me
in my heart and mind.
Not a pet
not just friend--
a solace, a confidant--
my own, my dear Sam.

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011* All Rights Reserved


  1. I'm allergic to cats but I still LOVE them dearly! this poem made me sad :(

  2. They seem to stay for such a short time, yet they give so much.Your last stanza says it all. And from first to last, your Sam's own personality shines through.

  3. Beautiful tribute to your furry love. I love the pictures. :)

  4. You certainly know the nature of the cat... my heart still aches for one that has been gone for several years now.

  5. Oh Gay!!! I'm so sorry. But almost 20 years!!!

    What a BEautiful friend. We lost our Willow, only 10 last year to a staph infection...and he looked so much like your dear Sam.

    Bless you and Bless Sam.

    Lady Nyo

  6. Oh Gay he is quite the lion!!!
    Sorry for your sweet friend

    Love and hugs

  7. Fitting tribute to what was undoubtedly a wonderful friend.

  8. ((gay)) feel much the same on my cat...her time is coming to pass and i will lose a friend...

  9. Aw, this is sweet and heartbreaking. My Sadie lived to be nearly 20. Now I have Pandora who is 13, and I'm hoping she has as long a life. You are so right. They are more than a pet, more than a friend. As I read in a novel a long time ago,"Cats know things." Yes, they do.

  10. A kitty with a lion's pride and heart must have brought much joy.

  11. I hear the love for this feline king... Hope you hang on to all the lovely memories.

  12. My favorite part is about him seeing himself as a lion, very fitting tribute :)

  13. Sorry about your dear friend. I lost my one of my dogs last year and I know how devastating it is.

  14. Just back from the vet. Said goodbye. He's gone now. He'll sleep in a rose garden. He was like a big rosy cat anyway. I love him.

  15. Aw, Gay, my heart is breaking for you.

  16. Such a beautiful tribute, Gay. Hugs.

  17. I'm so sorry for your loss. He truly was a beauty, what a wonderful tribute.

  18. this made me weep. such a lovely lovely tribute to your friend... i know just how you feel. i loved this line so much:

    "When you looked in the mirror
    you saw a lion."

  19. What a wonderful tribute to a beloved family member. And poetically, quite nicely constructed.

  20. Beautiful. They give so much in their short lives and ask so little, for such small creature they leave a hugh hole when they go.

  21. Oh this one is so sad :( and so nicely written. Its full of a stable kind of love. I really dont know how to explain what I mean..but it doesnt have the drama sadness that we so often -despite ourselves feel/go into. Very well put.

  22. this is lovely. I wish I could beam you a photo of the paint filly I saw born today near my house-- one thing is removed from the world and more come to be-- amazing. Clearly a beloved cat, that one. We have a plethora of golden cats as well. xxxj

  23. Such a beautiful tribute, I remember losing my own huge orange cat, I still cry though its been years.

  24. my doogie was a ginger too...lovely fellow...take care gay...and thanks for sharing heart goes out to you...pete

  25. A fitting tribute to a great friend, it seems. Love the line about the lion in the mirror-- and the image that you matched with it.

    From one cat lover to another,

  26. oh gay - hugs and love - i hear you - a pet can become such a friend..had a dog when i was a teenager and cried madly when he died

  27. Oh Sam, we know ye well through this poem. Dunno if you have kids, but we don't but do through our 5 cats. Cats are always puzzled why we don't understand them better. They try so hard. We're just dumb. I write every morning with our calico Belle on my lap -- she's really the one holding the pen. I just take dictation. The Ottoman Throne is perfect for this cat. When an animal friend is lost, something unconditional leaves the world ... or removes itself to the palace of memory. -- Brendan

  28. Your comments have heartened me so and made me feel part of your lives too. I can just see that new colt. It is a cycle of life and it really helps to share during these times. Thank you for your generous comments about all my work. I think reading and writing is keeping me going, giving me hope, feeling usual. If I break off in the middle or start in the middle of sentences, forget punctuation, etc. just know I sometimes lose my focus a little these days. Thanks for your kindness and patience. I appreciate you more than you know.

  29. a lovely is so hard to say goodbye, but you have done so with compassion and grace.

  30. So beautiful. I am so very sorry for your loss. As many know, I almost lost Dixie last Christmas. She has to take steroids every day so she is not quite the dog she once was, but I still have her to snuggle up to.
    A beautiful poem. I feel like I knew her, as well.

  31. Wonderful from start to finish !

  32. :) + a tear. I read this to my girls... they just all ran off to pet our cats... they look a bit annoyed as they were lounging quite comfortably.

  33. I am so very sorry your loss. I understand how important our fur kids are and that Sam was so much more than a pet, he is a member of your family. My thoughts are with you during this painful time. Be kind to yourself and let the love memories wash over your spirit to help you heal.

  34. Your own dear Sam just melted my heart via your words of tribute and love. I had a ginger-and-white dear, dear boy (named Bleecker) for 15 years and sense that the depth of connection we had for these two was similar. There are no words to describe the loss. That is why your words of splendor fit so beautifully.

    We lost our Feather (Bleecker's beloved companion) in June from a sudden illness, so I know the strange sadness in this particular holiday season and in realizing that a new year is about to begin without them......

  35. Such a beautiful tribute to a beloved pet. I have two cats and I am totally at their command.