Thursday, August 12, 2010


By a glacial sea
near an arctic island
I feel alive.
Ice forms
as it did
in another age.
clawed ashore
and thrived here,
built fires and sewed pelts.

The sea pulls
as it has always pulled.
Clouds stretch their
watery fingers,
beckon me.
I sense them,
I breathe their steam
and strengthen.

Cold surrounds
the rocks where seaweed
wraps my body warm.
My heart beats; this ocean
keeps tempo with me.
Gulls, loons, and
albatross lovers
sing shanties of
their adventures
on the sea.
Other creatures wait
other needs abate
I am with the world
and I am brave.
© Gay Reiser Cannon
* All Rights Reserved


  1. I can smell it, hear the surf and the gulls, and feel the hot sun on my back. The water coldly tickling my toes. Thanks again.

    It is the home of my other life. Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for the follow Annell. Our little (but well visited) village is across the bridge or ferry from Corpus Christi. Come down and visit sometime. I would recommend the autumn when the water will be cool to your toes and you'll have large stretches of beach to yourself.