Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm recalling another nine year anniversary on my blog today: NINE YEARS ..written in 1972 about the assassination of JFK in Dallas. Each of these two events defined their generations. The days that they occurred were so beautiful and full of promise. Leave me a comment about what you think.


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  2. Dear Gay,
    This poem was obviously borne out of the strongest of tumultuous emotions. You have a masterpiece here out of a tragic world changing event - isn't that what poets do best - like Homer?

    The parallel between the two is fantastic, I am surprised I have not seen this parallel mentioned before. Both events shocked the world, it was premeditated,and as you pointed out, both happened on a beautiful autumn day. Even the numbers are reminiscent of each other - 1963/911/112263/631122/9112001. More importantly, both events created a distrust hitherto unknown.

    OSW is a special collaboration. We are not given prompts rather what we write about what we feel strongly about at the moment. The poem I wrote World Lie Broken, echoes your feelings this autumn. It was inspired by the general mood when I sat down in my garden to put together my broken terracota pots. I do not know whether we can repair the world, there is way too much violence, waste and distrust - but something needs to be done.

    You asked about my second poem - it is written in Malay - the form too is a Malay form called Pantun Berkait which the French adopted in the 18th century as Pantoum. The poems were written in Malay first, then translated, edited and adapted to English and French. However Malay and French poems are more difficult for me so I spend a lot of time working on them...Likewise, we all need to spend a lot of time working on building bridges, repairing the world, one line at a time.

    And you have done that Gay, by putting compassion to words and remembrance to people.

  3. Thank you for the long post. I appreciate your taking this much time to discuss our poems. Yes I think strong emotions, sentiments and memories give rise to our poetry. I never quite know what prompts me to write a poem. Sometimes it's that I have something to say; but usually it's because someone asks me a question or gives me an idea.

    I particularly like your poems as I see the work that goes into them. So much feeling but also so much craft. I like your idea of poems/words building bridges. I pray that's true. I believe in the innate goodness in people and believe a current runs through us all and connects us and gives us our insights into the reasons why.

    Thank you again.