Saturday, September 4, 2010


Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Prov.31.10

You will find so few in a lifetime that 
When you meet her she shines.

At first you may not see her light 
For she does not glitter but rather burns with 

A passion that radiates through her in myriad colors
Like the light through clouds at sunset.

She abides by her heart; follows her beliefs; 
She is dedicated to her destiny.

You see the mirth of youth in her bright eyes;
The memory of her smile illuminates the dark night.

She bestows grace in her gestures.
Her manner implies,
      “What can I do?”
                                  “How may I help?”
                                                                “I’ll be there for you.”

She takes care.  With small generosities she seeks to share.
She searches for meaning in the grand design.

She grieves each loss and celebrates every delight.
She marks the journey with a trail of friends.

She counsels patience, temperance, appreciation.
By her light we can find the way. 

© Gay Reiser Cannon. All Rights Reserved


  1. soooooooo heartfelt & praising. Written with love, & I love it <3

  2. Thanks Anthony. I wrote it for the Preacher's wife..Mona's preacher. Maybe you read Mona's Song.

  3. I would not know her
    This virtuous woman
    If her radiates be at high noon
    Or in the darkest of nights
    For I’m blind to her beliefs
    Or fine destiny as she gestures,
    Searches, grieves, and counsels
    I’m still lost in her light
    With closed eyes I cannot see

    Great way to portray a virtuous woman.

  4. Love this,... I want to be this woman.

  5. Such a beautiful portrayal of an admirable woman. One that can be aspired to ...

    Love from the Moon

  6. I enjoyed this. It reminds me of the figure of Sophia in proverbs. - Bill

  7. I think THIS one is my favorite! I feel like I am this woman....thank you for reminding me. XO

  8. oh, what a lovely tribute piece. I too aspire to be described thus. I quite like this.