Monday, June 6, 2011

Wishin' On A Star

A dream unhindered. Riding a wish
floating in stardust on a kite with a tail.
Questions soaked in curiosity,
why the misty dew or shining sunbeams.
Bitty with large eyes full of
a sky sprinkled with promises,
glittering with answers.

A star falls, I make a birthday wish
I'd like a diamond, a gift from my dad
if only he were here, it might drop twinkling
from this sky, atop a centerless moon
circling my finger, gift-wrapped in luminous love.
He'd come back, we'd return to live in a house
with stairs, a window seat by a tree, pillows,
and walls full of books.  There might be
invitations to parties, later proms, then college
admission letters, travel postcards from friends.

First star bright at twilight prompts
secret thoughts wished into being
-- that cute boy across the aisle I fancy--
us in some shangri-la,  he'll wave
to me across the green. I'll be wearing white
and my hair shiny as the night.
The sky, my old companion glows
pale, the tiny points of light blur
ghostly in a milky dark night
chance meetings with first outs brings a smile
few wishes spring to mind, a will for vigor stirs,
now my heart seeks peace, health, and joy

fulfillment for the ones I love.

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011* All Rights Reserved


  1. This is beautiful, Gay, a totally immersive journey through a child's wished-perfect world of wonder into the realm of a soberer adulthood, and an excellent example of how to use free verse to be both personal and intimate with the reader, yet structured and cogent in message. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to participate today, and for writing this heart-deep piece and sharing it.

  2. smiles. fantastical imagery gay...i am already enamored with the stars as it is, and then the ballgown dancing...i did not want to wake up from that part of it...or grow up...that carries over into my life too so...smiles.

  3. The night sky becomes a fairytale here a ride into a separate and wonderful world of dream, life and living...a delight for the heart..a reminder to always take your heart and memories with you...bkm

  4. Hopeful and dreamy... a beautiful piece!

  5. A reflective account showing the mellow side of free verse

  6. You did it again Gay... I do love your way

  7. Much needed today! Loved it much...seems to be a growing trend round here! lol A wonderful and much appreciated write! :)

  8. This was murky in the center section. I have changed it. It doesn't seem as confusing, but it also doesn't seem as poetic. I think the idea is good, but perhaps it's a work in progress. That's useful to see as a learning tool, too, I suppose. Sometimes, it's all edit, edit, edit. And sometimes just a few tweaks. You never really know

  9. I think you have the corner on the market for star telling...

  10. every sky tell a story told your beautifully ....thank you

  11. Gay, this is a beautiful poem full of life, promise, and charm. "misty as dew shining in sunbeams" lovely line, as they all are.

  12. This is Tinkerbell sprinkling stardust on me as I gazed into that glowing orb...

  13. such a sweet delight to read...I feel so comforted by your enchanting wordscape.

  14. Beautifully sustained imagery and voice. We can, I think, still look to the night sky filled with stars, still dream. After all, their light's yet to go out.

  15. thank you for such sweet words the other day gay...i appreciate this as much today as i did on monday...happy one shot!

  16. an amazing painting of words.. brilliant imagery, vivid scenes.. so wonderful

  17. Captured the imagery in every word you place
    Making ones mind race
    Such as the stars do
    Enjoyed the one shot today by you

  18. easy to get lost in your poem, just like the heavens...



  19. ...and what better wish could there be? :-)

  20. Oh Gay...this grabbed me immediately and threw me into the cosmos!

    A beautiful, resonant and rich, rich, poem/memory.

    Lady Nyo

  21. Lovely dream-scape, this one. I shall hope for stars tonight as I know that your words will reflect in their glow. Thank you for sharing your craft with us at OSP ~

  22. I love your love for the night sky.... thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.

  23. Wow! I love this poem! The theme and content is my kind of stuff. Stars and twilight represent powerful poetic metaphors and images. A great write and beautiful read.

  24. Ahh, I absolutely love this poem, beautiful and wonderful, but deep and moving too, really magical but also of the real world, the child wonder, the re-imaging, the nostalgia, and of course the loss, it's all there..and hope, really positive hope shines too...just so lovely!

  25. Sweet sweet sweet the early-stanza iterations of a child's wish-fulfillments (a gorgeous magic carpet ride there), tempered at the end by the older knowledge that happiness is more comprised of wanting what we have (and keeping it, in some healthy enough fashion) than getting what we want. It's just as sweet in the end as it was in the beginning. I wish the same upon your star. - Brendan

  26. Lovely whimsical poem - it is rich in the imaginings of childhood. Beautiful read!

  27. An unhindered dream is such a marvelous concept, seductive for me, always the dreamer. You have retold the fairy tale so convincingly---delicious.

  28. delicate...shining...wistful...

    this goes so well with the heavens.

    beautiful, Gay.


  29. Oh Gay, This is beautiful. Your word choice brought fairytale imagery to the forefront of my mind as I read. What a glorious wish of a poem.