Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free Spirit

 His death
                        An accident or fate?
                        Substance became surreal.

No wind      
                       Time stopped awhile, somewhere I heard a bell peal
                       Bereavement surrounds me, all seemed distant and late.

A loud clamor

                      The window lay
                      Unbroken on the kitchen tile
                      Had a phantom blown it
                      Out of its frame?

My thoughts confused and afraid

                      Overpowering my doubts
                      Unplanned words took form
                      I heard:

                                                            I came back to say, ...No tears,
                                                            Keep faith, stay strong, and with
                                                            Courage endure the events of
                                                            Approaching years.

                                                            Don't forget me
                                                            Or the times we shared.
                                                            I couldn't leave
                                                            Without telling you I cared."

The stillness left the room
With an incandescent glare.
Outside the breeze took shape and direction.
I put the window back in its frame
And signed the relief of benediction.

                                         © Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved

This was written about someone who died while
we were dating long ago; it is a true account.
I was alone, and the evening was still, hot, humid.


  1. ok, first is this true...if it is the shivers will be all the more prominent...i know many that would trade anything for one final word...i was enraptured gay...the form is interesting as well....and plays well to the tale...

  2. I will be scared if I really heard that... still I believe in the spirits and voices specially when the soul is not at peace. I like the message however, for life goes on.

    Thanks for sharing this ~

  3. It is true Brian - every bit of it and the message was just about the same. I might have moved words around a bit. I wrote the first draft of this at the time. This was way in the back of an old notebook.

  4. gay - this brought tears to my eyes...and i just love the image with the window metaphor and combined with this kinda out of the frame appearance and style of the poem...this is excellent

  5. Just because somethin is unseen doesn't mean it's not true. I read this, and even before I got to your explanation at the end, I knew this had really happened. Good poem, Gay.

  6. I like your poems. I can understand and feel them. This one brought tears.

  7. This gave me goosebumps because it resonated so deeply within me, Gay. I absolutely believe that our loved ones who pass can sometimes try to communicate with us. I have experienced interesting "visits" by my father since he died.

    I just wondered, though, if his message brought you comfort?

  8. Thanks Glynn - Appreciate that. I always resisted this poem, thinking no one would believe it.

    @ Oceangirl - I like that most of my poems are accessible. Sometimes I stray into abstract realms but most are fairly "realistic" especially my Texas ones.

    @Bodhirose - I was alone when it happened. It was dark days then for us all and he died unexpectedly in a car crash. But yes, it was during the event something like holding your breath under water, but when the event was over there was this sense of being blessed and calmed.

  9. You walk where the veil is thin Gay, and I do believe that spirits (or the energies we don't understand) come to those who do so. This has the ring of total authenticity, as well as a fine poetic expression of your feeling of resolution and benediction. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. I would give anything for one final word from my mum....this is an amazing write.

  11. @Hedge - Thank you. Yours was so fine. I should have been more serious probably in my comment.

    @David - As a mom, I can tell you the words all moms would say to their sons, always..they are "I love you now and always, unconditionally."

  12. ohh this is so moving ... and the window metaphor is just stunning...

  13. This is so good, Gay. I knew right away it was true...just waited to find out who "he" was. I have had similar experiences. It is a gift. Nice narrative sharing.

  14. Interesting piece... these moments stay with us forever after, yet peaceful, still restless. Soothing tho unsettling.

    Very well shared!

  15. how many of us would give so much for an experience like this...I still wait for a word from afar.
    You are blessed and this poem is beautiful.

  16. I've known others who have had these visitations, and often the message is, "don't worry about me, I'm fine, it was my time to go, I would have stayed with you longer with you if I could have." A generosity from a spirit who has no obligation to us any more. The presence and absence of this spirit is so tenderly placed here when the window is set back in its frame. Deep hearted and simply said here, fine work. -- Brendan

  17. Generosity is also the first word that came to mind. The magnanimity of the spirit and yours Gay (especially in that reply to David) is so touching. My mother lost her father at 19, he was her favorite person. My father lost his older brother, his favorite person, at 16. I think they would both have been able to handle life better if they'd received a message as you did. My father's father, right before he died several years ago, was still grieving his lost son. What a beautiful gift you've given us by sharing your poem and its messages. Before dVerse I was not a person who cried reading poetry but now I’ve cried several times this week. It's a testament to your skills as a writer but also your kindness. Thank you (good thing I hadn't already put on my makeup for church :)).

  18. i believe you completely, Gay, having had an experience or two myself. wonderfully written. i hope it helped to share it after all this time. *hugs*

  19. Oh this is just brilliant, Gay. I love the layout - the asides, the spooky nature of nature.. the words from across the divide. Incredible work. I find poetry like this so inspiring.

  20. Oh what a great write...hauntingly beautiful...and putting the window back in its frame...what a brillant glad you posted it...thank you..bkm

  21. Gay! These goosebumps won't be leaving for a while! Another wonderful, emotional, haunting write that was felt more than you know!

  22. What a wonderful response. I hadn't expected this. Thank you for sharing your reaction to the poem! Gay

  23. Wow, what a powerful experience. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotion that must have been associated with it, still must be as well. Thanks for sharing such a personal moment with us.

  24. I like the format you gave to this

    Here and There

    I believe you; I had a similar experience when I was a boy of ten. A'spirit' (if you want to call it that) spoke to me in clear unmistakable words.

  25. absolutely insane...but still i believe. your words spoke so beautifully and strong i'd have believed even if you had not claimed them real.

    the universe is a mysterious place.

  26. Gay~ Love this... you set the scene and mood perfectly for what transpired... and I, too, have had a similar experience. ~laurie