Thursday, August 18, 2011


Piazza Navona - My photo:  October 2010

                       Arched colossal antiquity
                       Piazza baristas doing business
                       Pouring cappuccino smiles

                       Abuzz under cloudless skies
                       Peacock-preened men in silk suits and ties
                       Coutured women skirting tourists

                       Gelato cools corners
                       Espresso reflects dappled trees
                       Leaves drift in historic disorder

                       Fountains spray myths
                       Near saintly displays
                       Michelangelo melds melodies

                       Postcard kiosks where Fellini mocks
                       Locals shirk as tourists stop
                       Crossroads of look and shop

                       Through global skies
                       Empirical icons sent home
                       All flights leave from Rome

                        ©2010 Gay Reiser Cannon
                            All rights reserved.


  1. i'm getting so homesick when i only look at that pic gay.... piazza navona - one of the most beautiful places in rome...possible that you didn't link up at dVerse? i'm leaving the crit to jules and the gang...think i'm emotionally too heavily involved - you could just write anything about this city and i would think it's fantastic... love the cappuccino smiles for sure...

  2. Hey Claudia - It was supposed to be earth shaking..or something. I don't have much that's earthshakingorsomething. I put up Amazing Grace. I guess I never posted it before. Not sure I want to fiddle with it but it meets the criteria. This was a sweet postcard to Rome, that's all.

  3. We spent a lot of time in Piazza Navona the last time we were in Italy, because it was summer and there's a gelato shop hidden off the piazza that has the best I've ever had. Rome is a delight!

    Some cute plays on words and alliteration.

  4. "Leaves drift in historic disorder"

    Oh, I love this!

  5. I liked the postcards and was trying to figure the earthshaking into the last stanza. :0) (Sometimes I try too hard.) Enjoyed the alliteration you slipped in almost inperceptibly.

  6. Oh Victoria - I had told Claudia I was posting this for Crit & Craft but it didn't fit the criteria.