Saturday, April 14, 2012

Magical Meeting

My Photo of My Amethyst Faerie

I faced the aisle; she with her mom
across from me; she was coloring
letters which flew off her page and
stuck to my shirt, the back of some
seats and the tube car's window.

"Hello" she said as she switched to yellow
numbers which fell to roof or rose to
floor as we careened the tracks.
Her mother frowned and then explained
she spoke too often to strangers.
She was staring at the pin I wore.
My Amethyst faerie (who'd found me)
was burrowing her head in my shoulder
then reaching for her sisters on my ears.

"It's ok", I said aloud.
The little girl rose and
walked over to touch her.

"She's lovely" she said with her adorable
English accent - crisp for a five year old.
"May I have her, please". My faerie felt
my urge to give her up, pull her away from
her sisters and entrust her to the girl.
She began to rattle against me as we
pulled into Elephant & Castle at the
end of the line. 

"I think I have to keep her a bit longer,"
I said. Her sisters are on my ears.

"Oh, I see," the girl said touching her own ears.
I haven't any holes yet. Her mother had rainbow
eyes. The train was pulling in. "Will you give
them to me when I get holes?" 

"If I see you again,"  she smiled.
My faerie sighed and settled against me
as I found the Way Out. "Not yet" she
printed on my chest.

But I knew one day I'd see that girl again.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.14.2012 * All Rights Reserved


  1. oo oo oo so did you see her? did you give her a pin...i wanna know the rest...what a cool meeting and kids are cool too..and you have a bit of magic in that faerie to let you know she was not done with you yet...

    1. She was a special little girl, all warm and glowing. It was hard not to give her the pin (which is quite large). Her mother was amused by the exchange, but didn't interfere. In the end the earrings saved the day, but I'm sure the child will be somebody one day! And I really believe I'll see her again. (Every time I go to London, I take that pin)...smiles

    2. that's such a cool story.

      the mother being amused and not interfering is cool. how many mom's would have done that?

      alive on subway senryu

  2. wow gay...what a magical it...strange things happen on subway trains, right..? love that the fairy decided to stay with you ...i would as well...smlles

    1. Oh Claudia, you're so dear to me. I am glad to hear it!

  3. Awww... what a lovely encounter and, a little bit of magic about it too, glad the fairy was happy to stay with you, after all you had part of her in your ears :)

  4. I loved this. It had a surreal and magical quality. And I have no doubt you WILL see her again!

    1. Me either. She was such a special child in every possible way.

  5. This is absolutely awesome! So vivid and real, I could hear the little girls accent and see your faerie! This is masterful! I have to stop now, or I'l be accused of gushing! Wow! (oops, that slipped, I was supposed to be done)

  6. I like the story magical yet real to me ~ Thank you ~

  7. Very creative tale Gay. Love the faerie/magical element you used here-great read. thanks

  8. Are you working on a fairytale? You have been having the most amazing illustration and vivid words to match

  9. I like this story you told. Sometimes riding on the subway I feel like I live in a fantasy world with a lot of strange creatures :P

  10. Thank you everyone. I do believe in faeries. And yes, I have written a few fairy tales and there are more to come. There are a whole series of them about a magical person named Paul Kune. Now if only he could be played by Hugh Jackman..ahhh.

  11. This is lovely - great observation and poetic storytelling. I know elephant and castle well- and being from the UK the underground Is very familiar! You really got across the innocence of childhood inner questions and interest in the faerie. I could completely picture the scene...the ending iintrigued me and mad me would see that little girl again....maybe you're talking about your own family? Or a new born growing up- someone to pass down an eirloom to? Regardless if my interpretation this was just a lovely flowing tale with an absolute solid grounding in reality- blurring the lines between fantasy and magic and real life...

  12. We just have to look out the corners of our eyes to see the ones in shadows. Was late when I wrote mine so now a video performance in place

  13. wow, great story superbly told. It is encounters like those, mthinks, that make the riding of the subway so magical and special. Your charming understanding of the little girl and the scene you paint is magical too, lending that air of mystery that enshrouds everyday reality if we only look so much credence and believability. I am glad your faerie found you, and who knows some day you might indeed see the little girl grown into a woman on another such subway ride. The faerie will know, :)

  14. Oh I loved's so sweet. I can just imagine it, it's wonderful what jewels can be found when you least expect it... a lovely moment to treasure!

  15. A lot of happenings on a subway train. The little girl is happy the fairy granted the wishes!