Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer To Summer

Sandfest Port A 2009

The promises last year
have lost the dreams of sea air;
those gulls still feed
on washed seaweed
exposing all we fear.

We never dreamed it near
as we perused the beach fair--
sure we'd succeed
buying red beads
drinking that one last beer.

Testing restraints of your creed
has now left you weak
Broken, you seemed to plead
relief from all that’s bleak.

Yet you survived, my dear,
with help and tender care.
warnings to heed,
yet pain’s been freed,
gray skies at last have cleared.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.04.2012 * All Rights Reserved
Day 4 - April - National Poetry Writing Month
If no one else has a name for this I am calling it
the Charade Form - it mirrors the lyrics of that song.


  1. this is very moving gay...not an easy time you went through...but glad to hear that the sky is blue again... great job on the quatrains as have filled them with depth and meaning which is not at all easy..

  2. I think there are details I don't know; but i do know (from my own experience) how writing poetry helps. And I am glad gray skies have cleared.

  3. there is a def sense of relief at the end gay...a release from what you or they went through...of course i love the beach as well, so...smiles...well done...still working on mine...

  4. This was scheduled for #NaPoWriMo. I may link another poem for Sam's article.

  5. Oh dear! These things just pop up, as you've shown. Even in the rhythm and rhyme scheme bring out the surprise of it. Glad grey has dissipated. K.

  6. Very lovely. Every now a then I read a poem that just moves me. This one did. I love it for its simplicity and its tender message.

  7. the rhymes seem like a wave at the beach