Monday, June 16, 2014

What A Life

Paris, Rome, San Francisco, New York--been there, loved it!

I loved to see the old world
I loved to see the new
I love to travel every season
In sun, in rain, in snow
I've enjoyed the B&Bs
admired the fine hotels
been pampered in small cottages
endured highway motels
I've eaten at the tops of spires
in cubby holes and cellars
I've drunk in vineyards and in dives
in pubs, in bars, in kitchens
I've tasted rarities like truffles
beluga caviar and cognac
enjoyed cuisines of many lands
some I liked and some I didn't
I've met a lot of people
sung a lot of songs
heard a world of stories
as I went along
still there are more..
places to go and see..
people to know and meet
dances and songs to learn
new dishes at every turn
wines delicate and robust
coastlines of sand, castles with dust
mountains tipped with snow
lakes reflecting down below
forests cascading into valley vapors
cities with bridges and skyscrapers
I've spent a lifetime as an explorer
I've spent another dreaming more
there are still those I would visit
if money, health and time permit
but as these days now shade to gold
I enjoy the luxury of being home.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * All Rights Reserved


  1. finding home is a good thing... and more precious than all the travels - though you know that i love traveling and i still wanna see so many places...smiles. i think that people who travel a lot cherish home even more - once they found it...smiles

  2. It sounds like you have seen some wonderful places & had some great experiences while traveling. But in the end if one has found home it is the most important place of all.

  3. finding home is not always easy...but it can be found in the most unlikely of places...i do so love to travel though and see all the new place...and the never know where you might find a new home...i dont recommend bill's motor inn, in siler city, nc though...cinder block and a stuck on was interesting...smiles.

  4. The more you see the more you love your home.. and I think that your home will consist a little of all those things you bring home.. the memories of all those places find a place to root in the place we call home...

  5. Ah yes, our old bones probably will not be the intrepid travelers they once were; thank goodness the Net connects us internationally in seconds, shrinking the globe to a manageable size. A strong lovely rambling piece as response to the prompt.

  6. I agree. I have traveled to quite a few places and enjoyed some really great ones but it is not the beginning and end of everything.

  7. There is no place like home, my favorite place, too.

  8. Avery nice rhythm here, and exotic ideas!

  9. I love traveling but home is the best place :)

  10. Lovely! There is a saying that the best part of a holiday is coming home, or something similar...!

  11. Hi Gay, I so identify with ' I've eaten at the tops of spires / in cubby holes and cellars / I've drunk in vineyards and in dives / in pubs, in bars, in kitchens' - wonderful poem.

  12. Home is where the heart is! No doubt about it! But from the narration you covered most of what life has to offer! Great write Gay!


  13. I think it sounds like you have lived, that's the best we can do.

  14. A fun, rollicking rhythm to this one, Gay! Must be nice to have such a strong sense of home as well...

  15. travelling and home...both wonderful in their own way...a nice write :)

  16. Oh yes, heartily agreed, as you'll see if you make the trip by the Well. This has a fine cascading roll--in fact the rhythm sections is chugging so aptly along that the expected rhyme on the fourth line wasn't missed. Maybe the point of all wandering, all tourism, all seeing, is the gathering-up of those experiences into a cornocopeia we can savor at home. Certainly there's a turning point where it's finally time to go home. Amen and amen!

  17. Wonderful traveling--and returning--song!

  18. There is certainly always more to discover, but it is wonderful to be content with home too!

  19. i enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm of this delightful round-trip...wonderful to return home with the memories!