Saturday, July 19, 2014


sure 'n we're not exactly in Dublin
nor New York, Paris, or Detroit--
nor servin' up parsnips, peas
or bitters nor pints o' Guiness.
Neither, fresh trout outta 
the lake country in Windemere 
or the Bras d'Or of Nova Scotia, 
nay we be servin' words up -- 
sometimes with paper frills so's 
you don't get your fingers
greasy, or trip the syllables on 
your tongue.  Servin' em on
forms - fancy and fine - free forms
and plain..made out of trees, or
ice cream or stones. Sharin'
'em on tablets, on b(logs) sent
through the air, we're readin' 
on screens in airports, and bed-
rooms, on porches, in chairs,
at work on our breaks, on buses
and trains, sometimes in cars.
We're meetin' folks, sometimes hearin' 'em,
knowin' secrets & thoughts;
yet we're strangers -- we'd miss 'em
if we passed in the street.
It's crazy, 
it's cool, it's intimate,  it's cozy, 
it's familiar, and foreign, it's novel
it's groovy.  We're servin' up a poetry
stew of words, made from letters
leaked from our hearts onto the keys,
sure it's music we're 
hearin' & sharin' in 
our very own PUB and you're
welcome to come if you please &
stay if you want..

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 7.19.14 * All Rights Reserved


  1. Oh, I love the paper frills so the syllables won't trip - and a poetry stew of words - so many great touches and rhymes - just a wonderful visit to the Pub! K

  2. yup! so much variety served with our diversity makes for a great visit.

  3. "It's crazy, it's cool, it's intimate, it's cozy,
    it's familiar, and foreign, it's novel
    it's groovy." Yes, it is all those things! And all those things make it great fun. Thank you Gay for all you do as part of the team that makes the Pub what it is!

  4. smiles... we're not exactly in new york or paris but we're a bit everywhere at once...and also in the most exciting places where only poetry can take you... and love me a good stew of poetry...hmmm

  5. well we could be a pub in dublin....and i could use a stout...ha....but we do carry the flavor of many a place from around the world...its all those things...and none...and more...if you please and if you want are important one if making you....ya gotta choose...smiles.

  6. Poetry . . . made from letters leaked from our hearts onto the keys. Great lines here, bringing together the features that make this virtual pub come alive!

  7. That could be our motto - a wonderful secret world, finding us in various states of dress (of mind and body), in various locations, and yet there's something that bind us...and I love the very chatty, informal, 'oral' style in this poem.

  8. Oh, this was fun to read and I would enjoy a bowl of that stew, creating words with consonants and vowels.

  9. Loved the relentless rhythm in this one. Would be a good poem to read out loud. Thank you for being the form Queen on this site. I look forward to more challenges from you. Tis true we are strangers yet share intimacy and secrets and most would not recognise each other in the street. I find it fascinatingly odd and still cannot come to terms completely with being one of the new cyber species :)

  10. In Nova Scotia and you'd be harassed by the cat, as that is my mat haha so that is good indeed, spreading from feed to feed. Across the world it will go, bringing all voices to the same spot. A secret that sure is hot to trot.

  11. I specially love this part Gay:

    It's crazy, it's cool, it's intimate, it's cozy,
    it's familiar, and foreign, it's novel
    it's groovy. We're servin' up a poetry
    stew of words, made from letters
    leaked from our hearts onto the keys ~

    Thanks for being part of the community ~

  12. "nay we be servin' words up --"

    I loved how you pictured poets—on the move, at airports, on buses and patios or home—each expressing and sharing. A wonderful descriptive of no matter where we are, we are all together. Nicely done, Gay.

  13. This was wonderful, Gay. It's so true--we write when and where it comes to us and it seems to me you pretty well covered the bases. Kinda gave me a chill to think that, as well as we "know" each other we could pass one another on the street and not recognize. That's because we know each other on a deeper level than experience and I suppose that's why I feel closer to so many of you than a lot of acquaintances in my physical world.

    1. Yes I know - I think that's why I often wish we could meet. I have met Claudia and two or three others in London (she flew over to meet us)...I was supposed to meet others in NYC when they gave the twitter award for OneStop but my friend's mother died and I sort of had to stop and tend to things with his family. intervened. Perhaps one day. Brian has met many of us but we haven't been in the same place yet. Sigh...........

  14. Great 'runaway' style and mix and melange of words and bar atmosphere - thanks very much!

  15. love the feeling each word pours out and that's what makes a community thrive...

  16. This flowed brilliantly and perfectly described the tone, pitch, and dynamic sonics of the dVerse community.

  17. this was a fun read....

    strangers, true, but familiar in many ways...there is just something to be said for a group of people coming together over a nice tasty stew of words.

  18. Love a good Irish pub and I enjoyed the Irish flair in this.
    I especially like the line...."it's familiar and foreign" So true!

  19. my Grandfather is a native of Ireland the Irish..words..of beauty..come in loud and clear to me..
    in the Irish..way..of course..

    but grandfather died long before i...

    But still..some folks say...
    i have Irish eyes..
    Nice words..and a cozy old Irish
    always a comfortable image to me..

    and who knows..
    may be one day i'll get back there..
    although i've never been...
    for real....

  20. Love this. Yes it's a strange thing. I've become close to so many fellow bloggers that I might miss if they were actually walking down the street in real life. I would certainly pull up a chair at this bar :)

  21. ha. fun piece gay...the good thing is we are no where and everywhere...tripping those syllables...when makes it special though for me is the people...and i will ever savor the connections i have made...and all i have learned from them....smiles.

  22. I love sharing words with you, Gay. Thank you for this fun write, and the side of smiles with it :-)

  23. we are serving up poetry, yes!

    really enjoyed this read! thanks for sharing.

    stacy lynn mar