Thursday, January 28, 2016

3 IMagy Poems


Pigeons thunder roof to 
ground no way to get unwound 
more all the time 
out of reason 
full of sound -- 
sleeping, waking,
coming 'round every day


Sailing the night on silver moonglades
slipping in silence 
then slower.
Later on 
the wind blows soft then quicker. 
Then you & I,
the water 
& the stars swirl 
waltzing waves abound.


In the hallway, turn inward to the branch 
then forward to the dark space 
by the stair, later on, the clock sounds
take three steps back 
try not to fall
before you find the round table lace
I'll be waiting for you


© Gay Reiser Cannon * 1.28.2016 * All Rights Reserved


  1. I can just hear the skittering of those pigeons. The other post, though, works so well for the prompt--they both do.

  2. Thanks Victoria. I have always assigned that nomenclature to my work. I consider myself to be an Imagist even though I'm not always as minimalist as they strove to be. Nevertheless I want to get to the heart of that idea, that visual that encompasses symbol and metaphor. Appreciate your reading both. Sorry about the mistake. Seems like I'm making more than usual lately.

  3. On our summerhouse the pigeons are gulls dancing on the roof making sleep impossible... I really love the thought of sailing on silver... and with the third that brings back memories from my grandparents house... all seem to bring thoughts of insomnia to me..

    1. I wrote this when I was at the beach and everyday I thought the sea birds and pigeons were going to take off the roof. We had lots of birds that came through Port Aransas as they migrated...rare ones and many song birds that were quite small. Ron put out feed but the doves, pidgeons and gulls ran them all off. Meanwhile the mockingbirds sang all the songs, and turned up their noses as they went after worms and grubs. Ha.

    2. Ron put out feed, but the doves,
      pigeons & gulls ran them all off;
      as mockingbirds sang all the songs,
      turning up their beaks, going
      after worms & grubs.

      Yeah, you're in the grove.

    3. Oh la la la - so are you our Glenn! You're the best!

  4. Oh - I love the idea of the clock taking three steps back and trying not to fall....Your language is beautiful, and as I read I feel immersed in your images~

    1. That's my favorite of these three. Thanks Mary.

  5. I can hear those pigeons thundering, they can be noisy birds. I love the "sailing on silver" and the idea of "only you & the water & the stars hear the sound." That third one almost feels like someone giving directions...go this way, turn there and you'll hear the clock...somehow made me think of a child's hiding place. Funny how images can evoke certain thoughts.

    1. Thank you Gayle. As I said, I culled these from a notebook of "thoughts and ideas" for today's prompt. They aren't polished but I like them. Sometimes going back and looking at notebooks it feels like finding your childhood/junior high jewelry box and all the little keepsakes tucked there. Thanks again.

    2. The sound of a clock in the dark brings back so many memories--some of wishing it would fall back, others hoping it would speed up. All three evoke strong images.

  6. as only you & the water
    & the stars hear the sound I just love these words. And the clock - what a secret night kind of image. Our house is so tight, we can't hear anything on the roof, but sometimes, while in the woods, the sounds of crows descending seem like an invading army! I like all three of these very much. I too thought of the clock as a child's hiding place. It also made me think of a favorite childhood book, The Borrowers.

    1. Our house is so tight,
      we can't hear anything on the roof,
      but sometimes in the woods
      the sound of crows descending
      seem like an invading army.

  7. Thank you Toni. Much appreciated. Yes, these were all a find in an old hiding place notebook of mine that I retrieved today. Happy they worked as I wanted to be on board today. Sorry I'm so touch and go these days. Sadly it can't be helped. Much appreciate your comments!

  8. I, too, keep a notebook of random thoughts, images, & turns of phrase--& I, also, went to the well to find my imagist core; a terrific prompt, & the dVerse pack of dog poets are all rising strong, like silver mushrooms in the moonlight. I dig the midnight sailing stanza.

  9. Oh, I absolutely love the alliteration happening here:

    "Sailing the night on silver
    slipping silent"

  10. Your writing really appeals to me, a sense of spontaneity and lovely images evoked by remembering or stream of thought.

  11. Especially love the second one. Your words put me there....sailing in the night water, hearing the lap of the water, watching the moon. Seems like a perfect moment of solitude.

  12. clock striking at ungodly hours of the night can be as noisy as the pigeons on the chain of images each evokes...

  13. Sounds on the roof sounds familiar here. Some lovely words creating the pictures.

  14. I especially like...
    "Sailing the night on silver
    slipping silent then slow later on"


  15. SaiLinG.. air birds
    taKing fliGht..
    words at aLL..:)