Friday, August 13, 2010


                                                                                         © Gay Reiser Cannon

For Rita

Holding it all together
She dreams peace and survival,
sheltered there by dappled second story leaves.
She sings hope and hears the stories in every key.

And through all the pictures and the music live
the trees and dogs and cats and all the lost souls
who aren’t sure if they can make it without her.
She reaches for them all as if from her
fingers she can spin safety nets.
Some believe and find soft landings there.
doubters, more dense, fall.
They break her a little every time.
Yet she knows there’s glue in the music
and she keeps it handy.

© Gay Reiser Cannon 2010 All Rights Reserved


  1. Sounds kind of like a mother, Mother Nature perhaps? Lovely and full of belief.

  2. Thanks PattiKen. I guess she has transferred her "mothering" traits to all the needy ones. She exists on her own, childless and caring for stray cats, elderly neighbors, single moms, recovering addicts and a yard full of rescued dogs. She's a truly loving woman and an inspiration to those who know her.