Sunday, October 17, 2010

An End To Flags

A haiku from Claudia's photo prompt:

 Fall's furled cannas fade
a rolled up flag put away
no time for borders. 
 For One Shoot Sunday
© Gay Reiser Cannon


  1. Beautiful haiku and message. Happy Sunday!:)

  2. Nice thoughts. Time for no borders.

  3. this is great..a rolled up flag put it - and look forward to spring when the flag will be put up again - and dances with the wind...

  4. I'm beginning to really enjoy haikus!

    Also I enjoy living where winter never shows itself, and flags fly all through the year. I know...I know!

    3 seasons, spring, summer and fall
    (each 4-month periods) are not for all!
    But for me...

    and so I thank you
    for your so thoughtful haiku
    which you give us, too

    PEACE, Gay!
    Steve E

  5. Thanks to all of you..especially you Claudia for your fine pictures. I noticed the diaphonous one seemed most popular; but I identified with this one. I like that it works on at least two levels--flower beds having borders too which may break down or change with the seasons but I like the idea of peace the best.
    Thanks for your lovely haiku response Steve. The original haiku were all call and response sometimes as competitions. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? This is an addictive form.
    NAMASTE and PEACE to all of you this Sunday - Gay

  6. Really a nice Haiku. Well written and thoughtful. Hope to read more of your work


  7. Like I've always said, imagination has no bounds!! :)
    And your Haiku here is the PERFECT example! LOVED IT!!!