Saturday, November 20, 2010


Glory Window in Chapel of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Square, Dallas, Texas

At the end of color when 
trees stand 

exposed bare to bark 
a man feels a stark

need to replenish 
by going home 

To seek with kith and kin
reunion once again

to search old cupboards 
for secrets left therein

to ruminate in thoughts
once put aside

for things he thought 
one ought to hide

To settle into introspection,
or seek lost images 

in reflection 
listening to conversations 

without understanding 
or concentration

His eye 
explores each room 

each shelf 
where love was stored

in things so small as
the details of a dishtowel

and wonders how 
designs so simple and so old

can illuminate the very
borders of his soul

© Gay Reiser Cannon All Rights Reserved


  1. my goodness! what a beautiful shot of a beautiful window
    great poem. very well written love the first verse. it speaks the truth and the rest follow through with that thought wonderful imagery

    thank you for sharing
    a pleasure to read

  2. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving....bkm

  3. love the opening stanza. "bare to bark and man feels a stark need to replenish going home"... great lines and "small as the details of a dishtowel"... The rhythm and rhyme , the language - very well crafted from beginning to end. An enjoyable read!

  4. Thank you Hope, bkm and Helena. I wanted to "capture" almost like a snapshot the internal reaction to Thanksgiving. Going home puts you into everyone else's life but sends you on a journey looking at the things you grew up with but now with grownup eyes. Little things like embroidery done on a dishtowel by a grandmother now gone seemed to be a symbol of the things our mind explores. The time and love it took to do things like that which was overlooked when using them. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  5. A fantastic capture it was, it was very enjoyable to read. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  6. This is just beautiful. You capture the power that going "home" has to remind, replenish, rejuvenate. And wow, what an amazing picture.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. abthomas and PattiKen - Your words please me as that's just what I wanted it to do and I guess it succeeded. Appreciate your coming by. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

  8. Oh my gosh... this really kindled pangs of nostalgia, Gay...
    Very beautifully written!! Sometimes, the most "insignificant" details make for the strongest and longest lasting memories indeed! And they just seem to pop to mind when you most need them to!

    The image is absolutely STUNNING! I wish I had come by your blog in the 5 years that I was in Dallas (till February of this year)! I would have learnt more about it from you, and I probably would have visited this chapel too! It looks soooo beautiful here! You have chosen THE perfect picture for your words of spiraling memories...
    Well done, my friend!

  9. Beautiful words. There's nothing to beat home.

  10. Wow, that is...quite an image. Round and round and up, the spiral into heaven - dazzling visual. Quite a ceiling they've got there.

    As to the poem: good rhythm and flow. A beautiful piece that dwells upon the details, stirring thoughts of rejuvenation and peace.

    Happy holiday to you!

  11. To settle into introspection,
    or seek lost images
    in reflection listening to
    or concentration

    The last lines might seem a negative, but in this context just point out the tolerance and acceptance of home, where you can be yourself and the endless giving of time and concentration to the outside world can stop for awhile. Very nice.

  12. This was just super! Such a thoughtful and delicate description of the melancholy feeling that creeps in like the cold at the end of autumn. I feel an appreciation of oneself woven in your words, Gay. Nice One Shot!

  13. and wonders how
    designs so simple
    and so old
    can illuminate
    the borders
    of his soul...loved this
    and have a blessed thanksgiving gay

  14. wow...that image help me always a wonderful flowing write...thanks for sharing and enjoy your holiday...pete

  15. A beautiful poem! As it ended "illuminate the borders of his soul" was a terrific way to end it, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Thank you everyone. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wishing you all the blessings of the season.

  17. Beautiful image... and great verse...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  18. I love the stained glass shell. That's what it looks like to me :)

  19. LOvely poem, I particularly enjoyed these verses:

    " search old cupboards
    for secrets left therein
    to ruminate in thoughts
    once put aside
    for things he thought to hide"

  20. I always enjoy your poetry. In this case I am mesmerized by the image as well! Very cool

  21. This is encompasses the whole feeling of going home again. The image is amazing.