Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Stage of Life

The Globe - London...At Merchant of Venice
                       We stand upon a stage so large
                       as actors  artists   taking charge
                       of roles  of destiny  of fate
                       of philosophies too grand to state
                       So rather   then     we make them shrink
                       to a macrocosm where we think
                       we let them see the players pass
                       like Tyndall projections in a glass

                       We dance  We see through
                       circumstance       and think through trance
                       We dance    We play      and set our wits to wing
                       We find the source     we lose the thing   and
                       still we sing    We sing     until we lose our voice

                       We feel the need to vent our choice    We
                       hear the chord   the steady prance
                       of heartbeat   offbeat chance     We twist
                       as we climb   We dance 

                       We live     We know stars will attest
                       to time and space      we did exist
                       We seize with dauntless will
                       a measure of the stuff that separates all life
                       from that which never breathes   we rarefy our time
                       before the curtain falls        in ways bizarre     unique
                       Because       We Live

© Gay Reiser Cannon All Rights Reserved


  1. What a wonderful piece - much to muse over

  2. Very wisely written Gay. It feels sometimes like life is out of control, unmanagable, but you raise here the question of destiny. Do we hold the poer to change it all? I certainly hope so, my positivity's been pushed to the limit this year :)

    Great one shot!

  3. Love it! "Hear the chord the steady prance
    Of heartbeat offbeat chance we twist" Inventive sound, wording, and a testament to being, as well as being heard.

  4. I really enjoyed the rhyming cleverly reinforcing things and holding the poem up. And unlike most poems which build to the last lines, I felt all of them were measured and exact and well-crafted. Very nice work, Gay, and also a fine message.

  5. I want this to be musical, and to har the actor's shoes and boots on that wooden stage, providing time to the words!

    PS-- I am loving that picture.

  6. To Fireblossom - At the Globe London "As You Like It" I saw it there in '96 I believe it was. :-) After I read Claudia's I wished Immanuel would read mine too (lol). Thanks.

    To Joy - Thank you. Your words mean so much too me.

    To Adam - I'm glad you liked it. Wasn't sure if my meaning held up in the lines. Glad they do.

    To Shan - I nearly titled this YOUTH. I think this is a song of exuberance when one believes he/she has life by the tail and can do anything. I like the optimism and the hope in it.

  7. I love the all the stage and all the elements that parallel life

    well done Gay for One Shot

    Love from the Moon

  8. Entrancing work, great flow, just rolls off the tongue. :)

  9. Beautiful line, flow....and haunting.

    Reminds me very much of Shakespeare and that you did a rhyming scheme is commendable.

    (From one who doesn't do that well at all).

    Very good, psychological work.

    Lady Nyo

  10. Play, act, sing, dance, and live! All the stage is a world...or

    I like this much

  11. Grazie

    You are visit person #2 to my blog.

  12. A fiery Roman candle of a poem!

  13. There's a lot here - good depth and rhyme, very fine scheme to it, makes the whole just flow beautifully. Well-honed piece with some solid word play. Makes one feel almost...powerful. It's palpable. Great piece!

  14. love the wonderful rhythm and candance of the poem....make me what to dance and sing...bkm

  15. Loved the rhythm too. A warm piece that brings a smile.

  16. ahhh dear Gay,i have always been fascinated about the stage of life myself,i wrote a poem about it long time ago,called "on stage" ..yet,yours here is such a beauty! powerful lines and it flows very well..:) delighted read as always dear..:) AWESOME ONE SHOT!..:)

  17. wow this was so intense - great write with a rhythm that just carried me away

  18. Totally agree.The rhythm of your words is truly amazing.The thought just naturally flow.Like a song,indeed.

    *Because we live*The reason of it all.

    Beautiful one shot!

  19. Wow Gay this is a well written piece that is exceptionally natural. Great one shot. Love and Light, Sender

  20. All the world's a stage, as the saying goes.

    Nice One Shot, Gay!

  21. Thank you all. I appreciate your comments so much. I love theater. I was criticized as a student, told I had no ability for it by a teacher who must have had her own issues. That experience made me understand all the more that talent needs encouraging.

    I still have that need and appreciate getting it in this forum. I wanted this to be a somewhat dramatic and still have a sweeping, musical feel. Thank you for giving me your opinions.

  22. Rhythmic & philosophical. Purpose in poetry. Nice.

  23. so true, the world is but a stage, and each a player,until the curtain of death falls

  24. Wonderful. The rhythm of life in a poem perfectly written. Really nice One Shot.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and commenting. I appreciate it.

  25. Wow Gay this is truly well done, rhythmic, dancing musical energy. I love the flow of these words, amazing!!! ~April

  26. Your Muse must have gone to some distant places if you werent exactly in this scene...Fantastic!


  27. Now that's what I call an awesome tribute to LIFE!!
    *Standing ovation* for this poem, Gay! It was beautiful!
    Connecting all the dots and assembling it the way you did, the output was one grand performance, I must say!
    Kudos, my dear...

  28. Its wonderful verse as well as wonderful images.. liked it so much... your lines
    'A measure of the stuff that separates all life
    From that which never breathes we rarefy our time'
    was so great... thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  29. Beautiful words :)

  30. Beautifully written Gay! Thanks for visiting my site and reading it 'mythically'...I can feel the sensitivity you expressed and that is exactly what I hoped the reader would sense.

    I could see why that is as I read your work and marvelled at how you put life on the stage. I loved this stanza:

    Hear the chord the steady prance
    Of heartbeat offbeat chance we twist
    As we climb We dance

    Wonderfully done, thank you!

  31. We dance We play and set our wits to wing
    We find the source we lose the thing and
    Still we sing We sing until we lose our voice

    gorgeous, oh, gorgeous, dear gay... i'm so glad you linked. i hope you'll continue to do so. xo

  32. it's so fun and I loved the images you created with your words!!

  33. heck...i knew that was the globe....another great poem my friend..cheers pete

  34. I wonder who is watching us in this life we are acting out? Love it.

  35. I don't know how to thank all of you for the kinds words you've said. I am so happy you like it and I'm happy it works .. you never really know. I'm looking forward to getting some more Shakespeare in London. I write pretty positive stuff usually, perhaps I'll try some dour things along the way to balance it out; but I like that this is a celebration. All of you such great wriers, thanks for taking time to visit me and comment!

  36. This was an Iambic thrill-ride!

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