Sunday, April 1, 2012

Film Noir

A trumpet blows the blue-black night
no thread of melody, a reveille of notes.
Dark spreads deeper than gloom--

a web tightens him, loins to throat.
Dawn lightens the room
his skin inks with shadows;

his scalp crawls, his eyes burn,
his heart turns to ice.
Cold fear arcs through him,

dread danger sharpens a stone;
his gut contracts, his hands clench
words surface, then lose meaning.

Again the crying horn moans;
its wail heralds desperation,
perhaps doom while the room spins.

When the floor turns, a key clicks.
A white door in this gray room
creaks, then opens slow.

A shadow perhaps a figure appears
Faceless, veiled in black, it shows
No mercy drifting to the bed.

He lies paralyzed;
The end closes, he trembles
gasps a choking sob.

Then a giggle erupts!
Her platinum hair catches a sunbeam.
"Did I really scare you?"

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 4.1.2012 * All Rights Reserved
Day 1 - April Poetry Month


  1. Ah, you had me fooled for a while. I was quite frightened until I came to the last stanza! You surprised me, and that is good!!

    1. Thank you Mary. Glad to know it worked!

  2. Atmospheric, tautly drawn, with killer lines like 'words surface, then lose meaning.' this poem is decked out! A great romp in the classy dark Ms. Gay!

    1. Thanks Anna - Well it was April Fool's Day and I wrote a similar theme poem before last. So I thought I'd have a go at humor.

  3. A perfect nightmare - on April Fools' Day! I admit, you got me!

  4. so this is how you do a poetic april got me good def had the tension going...smiles.

  5. Great build up of tension and an even better release. Thanks for the smile Gay>

  6. ahhhhh- so good! really pleased you posted this- i must admit- i was HOOKED- and then the ending- ha ha- bought a big grin to my face- like a thriller- you set the scene- built the tension throuhg imagery- and then delivered with the false scare! loved the balck and white feel you gave to this- I saw it all- very crafty you crafty thing!- very very cool. Excellent and original take on the prompt

  7. oh're so had me scared and shivering...and then the it

  8. i like the tension, like the tension in a movie

    semantic feeling