Monday, April 2, 2012


Walking along the road I saw
A crone in babushka gathering sticks
"What will you do with these?" I asked.
   "Build a bridge," she replied.
"And where will it take you?"
   "I will never cross it, but others may."

I came upon a man sitting by a tree.
"What are you looking at?"
     "I see a weakness and a flaw."
"Oh, how can I become strong, healthy?"
   "I only look for flaws in me,
    for those are the only ones I can repair."

I found a man asleep in a field
He woke as I walked by.
"Were you dreaming?" I asked.
   "Yes, I come here to dream.
    They teach me songs that
     I may later sing."

Hungry, I stopped at an inn.
A couple dined at a nearby table.
I heard her say, "Sharing food
with you is a daily joy in the garden
of our love."

I thought of these things as I walked on.
I was on a journey of myself and as I walked
I knew I was my own destination.

© Gay Reiser Cannon


  1. This is a very thoughtful poem, Gay. I like the rythym in almost all your lines. It's great poetry, in fact it resonates with a feeling of ancient poets and seers.

    I'd like to follow your blog, but you haven't got a link to do this.

  2. I'm a twit! The follow link is further down below! Doh!

    1. I know, I opted for all that stuff at the bottom. Sorry about that.

  3. This is lovely, and so true, we are all our own destination. And the journey, these tidbits of knowledge we pick up along the way, that is what matters most.

  4. I wrote my poem yesterday before I saw the prompt. Will try to incorporate the song in the next poem if possible.

  5. Thank you everyone. I wrote out a little ahead because I may be travelling this week. I have a poem with the same rhyme scheme as a song planned for Wednesday. I'm just a little out of sync! Smiles.

  6. We all have our own journeys but we can learn from others along the way and make their learnings our own. I like the message of this poem.

  7. Thanks Mary! Appreciate your support!!

  8. I enjoyed this, a tall drink of water this morning, thank you! Best to you for NaPoWriMo.

  9. Thanks Anna - I may have rocks in my head; I'm doing this and the 2012 Poetry Olympic challenge too on FB. You can find those entries on the NaPoWriMo Page link above. I wonder if this will make my writing better or worse (LOL!). I appreciate your support.

  10. A very beautiful poem with some excellent writing therein.

  11. Thanks Emmett - always for your words and for your support!

  12. Really enjoyed this, Gay... it's a bit like a parable or Bible story.

  13. You never fail to blow me away, Gay. This is wisdom wrapped in a story wrapped in a poem. It reads like a Native American story.