Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Picture of shells on beach at Port A (stars added)

Pirates caught in the curls, arcing 
the shore now shirred at the edges.
Dressed in trimmed lace cuffs, 

there appear empty vessels of sailors
who spend their life at sea;
their ships rarely surfacing

now glitter in sunlight.
They love and lust in murk,
liquid affairs of valor.

Deckhands dueling from the decks 
of  their tiny shells. 
They woo and win on coral reefs

then slip into the night,
making a pirate’s getaway 
before they give their gifts

to the gentle dawn of inkiness.
Their abandoned offspring
left to learn the sailing arts alone.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 6.18.12 * All Rights Reserved


  1. so another triversen? smiles...imagine their 'hunger' after being out to see for so long...whether by choice or by necessity of job its hard work and hard on the fam...felt that bit when i had to work out of town for those 9 months...its rather a hell...and the end makes my heart ache a bit still...

  2. Fantastic always! The title is a poem in itself...and yes, like Brian, the twinge at the end was a perfect finish.

  3. Beautiful images, Gay... and I agree about the ending.

  4. Lovely imagery, Gay. I like how the poem holds the mystery.

  5. so tough but i think they just love it and wouldn't want it any other way..beautiful images gay and great seeing another triversen again

  6. This is very rich Gay - image rich with a splash of lush... it made me thirsty :D
    a sad twist pulled the tide twofold...

    i'm waving my scabbard! :D

  7. Beautiful imagery, Gay! That's a pirate's life. To sneak in and then a quick getaway leaving the love child behind. Great write!


  8. Love the title of this Gay...a majestic image of the seafarer ...coming to love the murk as much as life, most of them...hard to settle on a calm shore after knowing more...bkm

  9. A nice write. Has a spoken word feel/sound to me. Would love to hear it read out loud.

  10. love the sound and flow and feel, from the title on.

  11. lovely form and flow. "liquid affairs of valor" yum!~jane

  12. You give the little mollusky things their own life and breath to communicate here Gay--that's an awesome shot up top as well, and the poem has that starlight woven through as well.

  13. making a pirate’s
    getaway before the

    gentle dawn of inkiness.

    love the mystery and the melancholy... just beautiful.

  14. Comes across like you've been there--one side or the other--and know from experience. Nice write!

  15. Prior to the word "tiny", I just knew this was about sea turtles. Love stars in the picture, and 'stars' in the sea. Sure these guys are happy, no mortgage, no insurance, taxes...
    just be born,
    do their God-job,
    and fade away,
    somehow stay
    as part of the Universe

    Thank YOU, Gay!

  16. "They", I suppose, can be any of the mariners who live their life at sea, in the sea, by working with the sea. There's seems to be a universality here to what takes men away, while their mates and offspring wait.

  17. This painted a swirling picture for me, steeped in a bit of darkness... The thought of fatherless children makes me quite sad. Beautifully written, Gay.

  18. The first stanza caught me with its lovely images of the sea, until the gentle dawn of inkiness ~ Lovely poetic form Gay ~ And thanks always for your lovely words in my blog ~

  19. This is the kind of poem I want to read again and again, finding nuances in each read. It creates such a mood tinged with a bit of sadness.

  20. Another triversen! And here you are, turning scuttling sealife into mariners and pirates, and transforming the sands of common shores into something far more fantastical.

  21. A note to all of you - I'm a better poet for having you read and comment - Thank you!

  22. Exceptional,

    empty vessels of sailors
    abandoned offspring
    left to learn the arts alone

    Your words are as artful as the sailor's craft!

  23. Lots of wondrous and carefully crafted images here, right from trimmed lace cuffs to abandoned offspring. Beautifully spun!

  24. I love poems of the sea ~ beautiful :)

  25. This made me smile, it felt joyful, well to me it did :)

  26. This is gorgeous... and delicate... and tough. And full of wonderful imagery... and is itself a wonderful image. Not just a poem, but a fairy story to delight any heart - and if all that was not enough, a new word for me - I had to look up shirr. My grateful thanks.

    1. Oh it's a sewing term, or garment detail. The water looks like that as it sweeps the beach. And the foam (which we have so much of in Port Aransas) looks like lace left extended at the end of sleeves.

  27. A haunting, ghostly and quite beautiful capture of men at sea...and the plight of those left behind. Lovely!

  28. Wonderful - I love the little sailor mollusks - as inky as words on a page. k.

  29. shimmering! love this ~ thanks for sharing!

  30. a very thoughtful and thought provokng piece Gay - the lives they have to do - the people they leave behind - captured histories here - predessors gone before - they ploughed similar paths - pirates 'abandoned offspring
    left to learn the arts alone' - lovely tale of sea
    and starlight - compass set following the north star - Lib

  31. from the title to the ending... unexpected treasures found along the way! beautifully written, Gay!

  32. Oh super, I love environmental poetry, here all jumbled with lusty sailors - who I love too! Enjoyed!

  33. thankyou for your much appreciated and insightful words Gay - your intuitions spot on - strong point - have left a comment - hgs Lib

  34. You brought us readers to the sea. Thanks!