Friday, November 2, 2012

Aliens Among Us


Out of the corner…
                           shadows, stay out of
your eyes stare
                                     their eyes, there
                    did you look
                                        away? stay,
                                         where did it come
Roswell…in 1947 47 57 47 57 47 57 47 57
T H A N K S G I V I N G at the SMITH’s
T urkey
            & Prayers, Basketball & Prayers
A ngels, dirt fields, free throws a kid in weird glasses
        6 perfect free throw baskets
            Pleasantville never loses at B-ball??
P A R K I N G makingoutkissinggropingpetting
               in a cottonfieldinsummer WHEN……
the am radio changed stations when the lights whirred
              Whirring away blasting ein klein nachtmusik

carnivalcoloredcandylightsrollingandrocking Mozart
       switching back TO Elvis – DON’T BE CRUEL
Clod..kept saying…clod, I’m a clod, don’t think much of it
She said he’slikesomekinda/alien thing – geek  “uhhuh
I might marry him.”
                           I said..”did you find him in the corner?”

Out of the corner of my eye
                                      a sandstorm blew over TexasTech
blinded me,
               I slept, and woke up…I was 70 and alone
O N  THE MANTLE, pictures of grown children with their children
              and in the center a picture of that boy
                  in geek glasses
                        he was grinning at me.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 11/2/2012 * All Rights Reserved

Posted For Anna Montgomery’s Meeting The Bar @dVersePoets


  1. ..could not help myself thinking of the one-eyed-one-horned flying purple people eater ;)...great art poetry with a lot of twists..

  2. ha, nice....interesting...i wonder is it based on reality? did you see the lights....were they aliens? and they caught you at make out point? smiles....really cool flow through out this...intriguing snap back to reality there in the end as you fast forward to now as well...and the picture of the boy....

  3. Did spend Thanksgiving '57 with the my friend Kay Smith in Roswell and we went to a highschool basketball game. UFO activity wasn't unique to Roswell then and the '47 incident wasn't a tourist draw, just one of many stories in the panhandle about flying saucers and space men. We did see lights a time or two speed off quickly. Hanging out and watching the skies was akin to others taking a walk on the beach; but no, the stopped car by lights incident did not happen to me, but to dozens of my friends. The rest is a little spun from life & imagination. (smiles)

  4. This is like a technicolor candy cane spectator sport, sci-fi movie of the 50s poem, what a carnival ride! The smashing up of words and the 47 57 47 . . . flips hit like a flashing light emphasizing the colored words and 'spacing'. Great music references and I feel the poem writes its own fantastic soundtrack as it goes. I love that at the end of the day it's the alien to us world of the 'other', the lover, that transports us through time.

  5. I slept, and woke up…I was 70 and alone
    O N THE MANTLE, pictures of grown children with their children
    and in the center a picture of that boy
    in geek glasses

    ... something to think about and I thought the photo added just the right message

  6. I'm dizzy with the fun of it and the excitement of it all. Spectacular!

  7. Lovely play with language and an iconic moment that didn't know what it was to become!

  8. and in the center a picture of that boy
    in geek glasses behind him were 3 colored
    lights he was grinning at me.

    Fun and games and the teenage crush. There are aliens around if only one sees! Nicely Gay!


  9. I am smiling reeling from this, Gay. You snuck in a flash of poignancy in this whirlwind of fantastic. I especially love your ending 'on the mantle' Super!

  10. Super charming. Really lovely close and the feel of all the carnival of life very wonderful and vivid. k.