Friday, August 30, 2013


Mary, You Can Fly -  © Judith Clay

Another 55 Poem - 

I lead an origami life
With newsprint folds I make birds fly.
They call their friend B-BALLOON with word charms,
then with his help (a-waving arms)
I join the natives in the sky.

We circumnavigate the town
we pick new gossip from the trees.
Before the deadline hour sounds
my friends write notes upon the leaves.

© Gay Reiser Cannon * 8.30.13
All Rights Reserved


  1. Nicely done, love the way you've interpreted this artwork.

  2. Clay's art is charming. Your poem does well by her, Gay, with nicely controlled rhythm and rhyme.

  3. Gay...?
    All I had to do was extend an invitation?
    What a SLACKER I've been!!
    Your writing is so gentle yet intense.
    Loved your Beautiful 55
    Thanks you so much for adding your special touch of class
    tonight, please feel free to ALWAYS drop by and contribute.
    I know you are in demand.....Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Thank you G-Man, sir. You're welcome here anytime as well - wish I could bake you some of my superduper chocolate chip cookies- you'll just have to imagine them!

  5. You have made an excellent choice of words, considering G-Man's insistence on brevity. 'Circumnavigate' is perfect for your purpose.

  6. we pick a new gossip from trees, ha, i like that line...i like too the birds and their friends the balloons....a bit surreal in a very cool way gay

  7. oh cool that you wrote to another pic by judith... i love the origami life - the picking gossip from trees made me smile - ha - love the lightness of your write - matches the painting so well gay

  8. Her art is so whimsical and perfect for your lovely poetic words. "pick new gossip from the trees"... love that.