Friday, February 6, 2015

By Design

I am an architect of poetry.
Each idea designed as a garden house
conceived from spaces freed from dreams.

I draw the empty benches of my soul.
sketch rooms full of chrysanthemums.
Each petal, a shaded nuance, as forms unfold.

I measure words in sets of columns, stanzas rise from written lines,
give background to emotions. I plan heavy with passion,
then deliver delicate blueprints where hidden closets may be found.

The poem becomes a landscape filled with vagaries, memories
float through skies, drip rain, and shine through sunny days.
Tinted in pastels, my mind imagines a lake flowing with fantasies.

This scheme is filled with trees whose winter lines seem like
those traced upon my palms elevated to a metaphor for life
executed in relief upon the soft clouds of a winter sky.

Nouns; house, painting, closets, chrysanthemums, park, cloud, trees, bench, fountains
Verbs:  create, discover, conceive, fill, research, design, measure, draw, elevate, execute
for Connect the Dots @dVersepoets pub - today hosted by Claudia

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * 2.6.15 * All Rights Reserved


  1. Oh I like this a lot, the architect creating poetry like houses, gardens and a place to live. Yes that is an excellent way to find the poetry...

  2. this is very cool gay... i always know that a poem is finished when i feel comfortable in it...when it feels like moving in... a bit like my skin... being an architect of words says that just wonderfully

  3. I resonate with the idea of being an architect of poetry. Writing a poem is its own kind of building, and (yes) the words need to be measured; and thinking of a poem becoming a park filled with dreams is amazing imagery!

  4. oh the imagery you created is profound... I can't quite put into words how I know when a piece is down... I just know I guess...

  5. Love this! Architect of poetry is a wonderful way of describing our craft.

  6. I know you like forms, Gay, and I think of architects as people who are interested in traditional and modern shapes too. There are indeed similarities between the poet and the architect.

  7. Oh, I love this, Gay.I think that you think in poetry...that is to say, one can become so fluent in another language that they speak, think, write and dream in that language as a second nature. You built a skyscraper here from the ground up...the lakes and trees to the sky..and I like the hidden closets, too.

  8. the poem becomes a park filled with dreams...
    i always enjoy sitting on your park bench gay...
    and we are all architects in some ways...
    my dad is an architect and i when we go driving he always
    points out buildings that he played a part in...
    maybe we can do that with our words....

    1. I loved seeing you up close and personal on our group meet - meet sweet - whatever it was. I wanted to ask you to say "dang". Every time I read it, I couldn't imagine it said in anything but a Texas accent the way my cousins used to say it when they dropped a coin and couldn't find it. Just wanted to say you have amazing eyes, and you are welcome at any of my places anywhere, anytime - along with the dancer and the boys. I like knowing your dad is an architect too. We all built something very fine at dVerse, but you and Claudia set the foundation and the corner stones. I couldn't bear to see it pulled down. You're a true mason and carpenter my friend.

  9. I love the idea and profession - I am an architect of poetry ~

    discover a jardiniere full of chrysanthemums - very exquisite imagery Gay ~

  10. Lovely. I especially like the last two stanzas. Beautiful work, Gay.

  11. Thanks for coming by. This old house has held four generations at different times. I am trying to restore it.

    Have a wonderful day.