Monday, May 2, 2011

Surreal Night Out

Composite of Images in WikiCommons
I walked into a loft one night last week
and rode the elevator to a stop.
I saw a man and woman there afloat

above the floor. The man appeared to be
asleep, the lady held two large balloons.
A peaceful scene at first and then the room

began to change; a hologram would flash 
and stay before my eyes: a bird that flew
in cosmic sea; then Andy Warhol sneezed.

He turned a television on and I appeared
I spoke aloud about the unknown joys
Of Disney World, a flying, floating place

where we could all return to innocence.
The party guests began to come in twos
and ones and threes although the couple's feet

did not fall down regardless of how much 
they drank and drank; they drank and then they slept.
A swimming pool arrived quite late. It was

a gift from David Hockney's brush it seems.
Refreshing as could be; I couldn't stay
for Damien Hirst took my arm to leave.

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon 2011 * All Rights Reserved


  1. A wonderful descriptive reality twist! An exciting experience to read! Loved the Andy Warhol glimpse!

  2. I loved my journey stepping into this piece Gay ..
    of 'floating' people and balloons..
    and Andy Warhol .. beautiful surreal ..
    *smiled* throughout ..
    but that last line Gay .. where you couldn't stay despite the allure of 'Hockneys swimming pool' inviting a 'bigger splash' and had to take your leave .. 'going out on a limb' :) ..
    'Damian Hirst had taken my arm to leave'
    So, so brilliant and brilliantly clever ~
    what a finishing line!! ~ Lib ~ @Libithina

  3. Sounded like a great party to be at Gay, Andy warhol and Damian hirst? Fantastic! Iambic that doesn't rhyme is more than difficult to write when you've been writing sonnets and triolets for a few months but I'm determined to give it a go ;) Great write hun!

  4. Yesterday, youth looked to a distant future
    when Andy Warhol would be popular
    a pleasure to the hungry yearning masses
    And so he was with every Brother Big

  5. Brilliant. I'm glad I missed that party, I would have got a migraine I'm sure.
    I don't think blank verse is at all easy. I seem to think in couplets, badly rhyming couplets usually.

  6. That must have been some party!

  7. What a wonderfully surreal mindscape, all deliciously expressed in faultless blank verse!

  8. You carried me willingly through the whole poem, then I laughed at the swimming pool part.

    Excellent! :D

  9. Wonderfully weird and outstandingly surreal..very enjoyable :)

  10. great job, anny. love the conversational tone and diction you've written in. very robert frost like, and I'm ever a fan of his. . .yours too :)

    Monty / bummy

  11. Kind of a surreal post... with a glimpse of an Andy Warhol twist thrown in. I like the iambic pentameter part of this form, yet it seems a bit more difficult than it would seem.

  12. So that's how it's done. Very trippy in a imabic kind of way. Great read and lesson

  13. Nice one Gay, very rhythmic even if you don't pay attention to the iambic undertones. There's a true surreal quality to writing surreally about surrealism, and putting your own head in the TV to do it. Some great lines, too--"..A swimming pool arrived quite late." Hard to top that. ;_)

  14. Pentameters seem a fairly natural speech rhythm and this reads beautifully.
    I find it difficult to escape "the tyranny of the iambic pentameter."
    If I.P's were good enough for Shakespeare . . etc . . .!

  15. To the dream, it all makes perfect sense. That's why the narrative blank verse form works so well. The reportage is florid enough, the journey so weird as to require no embellishment. - Brendan

  16. this is a gorgeous piece gay...i love the rather surreal imagery and a delightful pace you set throughout...

  17. Hope he didn't leave your arm in formaldehyde, or if he did, you at least demanded a few $million in exchange for its use.

  18. This is enjoyed it. You capture the 'unrealness' so well...wonderful imagery!

  19. your writing is always enchanting,
    love it.

    check out bluebell short story slam and make a contribution today.

    you rock.