Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sleep Adventures

                                          Fog horns and train whistles fill the night.
                                          Their calls signal departure dreams that cancel
                                          nesting instincts wrapped in homespun schemes.
                                          Soft feather falls and quiet fails 
                                          to quell those yearning travel needs.

                                          Faint images dissolve to exotic scenes
                                          conjured from celluloid fantasies.
                                          Drifting between the sea of sheets
                                          and the ocean breeze fog, you're blown
                                          into Shanghai or rounding Africa's Cape.
                                          Those bacon breakfast smells submerge
                                          in sleep as a market in Algiers, when
                                          shadows shift and a dark station, seen as
                                          black and shiny points, emerges from the mist.
                                          Above the rail tracks, a ladder entices you
                                          to the wagon-lit where whistles blare.
                                          You're east outside a wayside gare
                                          where clocks appear out of nowhere
                                          and the clatter gets faster as
                                          tunnels give way to mottled light
                                          a piercing shrill scream forces today
                                          to wake to the sameness of yesterday

(c) Gay Reiser Cannon * 2011


  1. nice I feel like I was in a sleeper car...floating across the landscape inhaling the passing of time and place....very nice...bkm

  2. Oh, what a lovely ode to an escape! If only in my head.

  3. fantasies between the sheets and bacon...well you are certainly speaking my language gay...ha. would love to take a long train trip where there were sleeper cars...have only taken shorter trips...hmm...

  4. Very good say's to me about the longing of adventures, the monotony of everyday living...I enjoyed this very much. Thanks Gay :)

  5. Beautifully said for any traveler. Where you in transit while writing?

  6. A lovely floaty feeling here at the beginning, segueing seamlessly into the rattle of the tracks, the jostling of image upon image in the stream that flies past the window, then the drop to earth in the final lines. Many of our best adventures happen while asleep. An excellent poem, Gay.

  7. Travel in any guise is welcome in my world. This is lovely...the images rushing by... I love it, Gay. Thank you.

  8. Oh wow. To travel on such a far-flung and sensual journey, only to end up back at the starting point!

  9. A lovely poem. I like that the intense imagery forced me to read it slowly. Each line a new tangent, layered, disconnected and connected; just the way sleep juxtaposes impossible things.

  10. Wow, your dreamer sure gets around ... even though she didn't leave your pillow. Great cartography of the 4-D dreamscape, everywhere and nowhere at once. - Brendan

  11. love - love - love the flow of this reads like the exploding colors colors in the picture..i love train rides and spent many a nights on sleep wagons with the rattle of the it

  12. Thanks y'all especially for linking, posting and coming by to read Steven's excellent article on free verse and to read my effort for the week. When I am having difficulties as I have been lately in finding words, I play with pictures. I downloaded some fractal programs and have been having some fun starting there and then layering them with other things. Can't say if it's pricked my imagination in other ways but it helped me "lose myself" for a while. I think that's what I was after in this piece too. I love travel almost more than anything else. When I don't have one planned, I seem to fantasize about them waking and sometimes even sleeping. Hope you enjoyed the journey.

    I am enjoying all the posts you've put up, too, this Monday. Thank you again.

  13. I'm a picture person, and words are often a poor substitute for the images that cross my brain in the middle of the night. So I completely understand every dreamy step down these stairs, from the trains to ships to bacon to clocks to finally waking up and having it all fade away to a blaring alarm clock once you plod downstairs to consciousness. Dig it! :D

  14. Oh my.. after a long day at the office I came home to this lovely read.. you had me from the first line on this magical journey via rail.. I immediately recalled a scene from a movie I adore "Out of Africa"...
    so many fine lines here..
    well done!

  15. This does have a lovely, floaty drift until the end jars you back to reality. Fabulous piece.

  16. What a sleepy drift in and out of metaphor.
    I loved it.

  17. What a lovely floaty, sensual feeling. Very nicely done!

  18. mottled light should be the name of that abstract art.